Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Time to catch up here!
Easter was wonderful...beautiful weather, swanky outfits, family fun, lovely worship, smelly eggs.

The hubby, who (or is it whom) I also like to call Mr. Incredible, surprised me BIG TIME! After driving "the hoopty" for several months following the wreck that totaled my Honda Odyssey, I received my dream car...Rockin' Ruby. Boy, am I ever blessed!
I couldn't resist putting this around my tag plate thingy...also a
gift from Mr. Incredible.

As for my sewing and fabric addiction, lots of fun stuff happening there. Colorful baby bloomers & burpies and satin ruffle blankie just finished and delivered to my best customer (how did I forget to take photos?)

For round 1 of the little quilting bee I'm participating in, I completed and sent off 6 adorable whirlygigs to my fellow honeybees. See...aren't they so fun!?

So far I've received 4 blocks in my requested colors. I'll post a pic of all 6 when I receive the last 2. Now gearing up for round 2 with 6 new honeybees...such a blast!

In February, I started the OKC Modern Quilting Guild by way of www.TheModernQuiltGuild.com. I'm so excited to be connecting with modern quilters (so far no dudes in the group) and now maybe I can get this whole quilting thing figured out ; ) Thankfully the adorable Miss Erin joined me in leading the OKCMQG (boy, we need a cute little name to replace that!) Erin got the word out by way of Quiltworks (an awesome local quilt shop) monthly newsletter and we now have 48 members in our group...yeeeeehaw!
We are planning our first meeting for May. Interested in joining us or a MQG in your area? Check out those spiffy badges over there and click --->

Next on my sewing table...I cannot committ to anything so I won't even go there. I'll tell ya next time.

***if you are a quilter, sewist, crafter...leave me a comment or follow me and I'll follow the trail over to your blog...I love me some blogs!


Jenny said...

CONGRATS on the new vehicle!! love your whirygigs!

Bev said...

Cute blocks (and cute kids too)! Are those blocks charm friendly? Can't wait for the first meeting to get to know everyone!

Cheery wave from

Angela said...

Hi Bev! Yea, 1st meeting will be so fun! These blocks are partially charm friendly...the center and 1st "log" are less than 5".