Saturday, March 19, 2011


Holy moly, am I ever motivated here all of a sudden! I think spring's promise of growth and fresh starts combined with my recent and very depressing revelation in the Victoria's Secret dressing room have inspired me.
2 fabulous things are going on with this fabric junkie this week!
After 39 years of eating as I please (lots of fried, lots of sugar) I have kicked-off what I hope is a long-lived new phase involving calorie counting, protein bars, and fitness...very low level so as to avoid sweating and pain, ick. Armed with tips from my husband and my sis, and in conjuction with the "Lose It!" app on my iPhone, I am determined to get my a$$ in shape...this is just ri.dic.u.lous. I'm over it, gross. With 4 lbs. already gone after just 6 days, I'm feeling quite inspired. Wish me luck! Oh, and please share any tips you may have...any favorite low fat/low carb snacks or recipes.

The 2nd fabulous item of news around here is the return of my sewing mojo. I'll take it while it lasts and run with it! I have a few super cool and stinkin' cute projects on the sewing table and fabrics have been ordered for even more fun stuff. For a limited time I have these 3 beauties available in custom sizes and they will be listed in my etsy shop very soon...order via etsy or paypal at

shabby skirt and tank set...$45 free shipping
(fabrics will vary but still fabulously shabby and fresh!)

swanky capri set....$50 free shipping
lemon martini peasant and bloomers....$45 free shipping


Anonymous said...

You go girl! I'm a big fan of rice cakes, put on some peanut butter and banana slices and it's a breakfast that keeps me full.

Angela said...

that actually sounds very PB with bananas. Thank you!