Tuesday, May 4, 2010


oh.em.gee....this day is wearing me out and I'm only 1/8th of the way through it : ( here's a brief venting session followed by quilty good tidings. Okay, not feeling great this week...could be worse and seems to be improving so there's that. This week is ca-razy at school for the kids...teacher appreciation week, 4th grade program, CRT testing...there's some pressure involved with these things. Today is bring-your-teacher's-favorite-flower-to-school day and I left the flowers at home (of course). So we rushed home got the flowers...whew! Then there is the ongoing saga of my 10 year-old's health...today, so far, is not a "feelin' good" day for him...and of course not since it's CRT today. I should stop there and quit being a whiner, but I won't. It gets even better. So I'm trying to get the preschooler across town on time (running a little late due to the forgetting of the flowers and having to run home and get them) and OF COURSE here comes a freakin' train. So I sit there and sit there and the stress level is starting to go up and up. Off we go and I think I really need to figure out how to work the cruise control because with this mood I can see that I have quite a challenge to stay at the speed limit and that's exactly when I see him...the police car hiding over there on the side of the road. And so OF COURSE I was going 60 in a 50 and here Officer comes with the lights on and I start crying and Sam is starting to worry about the whole ordeal so he starts crying. Now let me say, I am not normally a cryer but it was just too much in a 30 minute period of time for me to roll with it without tears. By the time Officer got to my window I could barely speak (okay, as I write this I'm starting to laugh at my pathetic self). Poor Sam, I was trying to tell him it really isn't that big of a deal. On the bright side, Officer just gave me a warning and asked me very gently to please slow down. Sam and I headed back home...he just was not up for school after that. He announced that if they do "good news, bad news" at school tomorrow he "definitely knows what he's gonna tell for the bad news" LOL! Hey, I'm good material if nothing else ; )
If you read all that, thank you...you are too kind.

Now for the happier part of this post...I have my Amy Butler little log cabin quilt ready to sandwich...wooohoooo! I'm loving it so far and hope I don't botch things up when I start quilting. Getting ready to go mop the kitchen floor as that is wear the assembly will be taking place. Surely I can handle the quilting part of this one (unlike the huge one for Sarah that I had to set aside for the time being) since I'm just doing straight lines. Wish me luck! Oh, and stay tuned cause when this little beauty is finished I will be hosting a nice giveaway for ya'll : )


Jenny said...

oh wow, what a crummy morning! glad you made it thru without the actual speeding ticket!

your quilt top looks marvelous...what color of sashing did you use??
the back is great too. the fabrics are all so different and all just work toether, don't they?

badlandsquilts said...

Oh, I sooo understand, the next 2 weeks are going to be like that here...baseball starts & next Tuesday I'm making like 10dz cupcakes for teacher appreciation! Quilt looks great...deep breathing helps!

emily said...

Sounds like a horror morning but at least Mr Policeman let you off with a warning! I think the tears may have worked in your favour there =)

Your quilt looks very special indeed. Enjoy your mopping!

Tangos Treasures said...

Hi I'm new to following your blog. Found you while I was blog hopping.
Sorry you had such a bad morning.
Your quilt is beautiful!
Wishing you a peaceful evening.

Shelley said...

what a rotten way to start the day! hope today is better for you... great job on the log-cabin... can't wait to see it quilted!

Angela said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!
Jenny, the sashing is Kona medium gray...I love this shade, yum!