Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If this rambling actually turns in to a post with more than a few sentences I will be shocked. We are in full-on summer break mode here and it's exhausting! The kids are already sporting sun-bleached hair, tanned skin, and that coppertone scent...love it, love it! I seek out the sunscreen that has that smell, you know that smell don't you? It's probably toxic but I still prefer it...it just makes summertime seem more fun. Brings back those carefree days...barefeet, sprinklers, gone all day with friends, the ice cream man, tons of kool-aid. Remember all that? Good times.

So with 3 kids home for the summer I have resigned myself to the fact that I will accomplish very little at the sewing table...unless I can find a super fun and super cheap babysitter. That is the reality, but another reality is that if I don't get to sew a little I will not be a very happy mama. I'm still working on a few summery things to have photographed on my lovely little muses and will list them as I'm able.

I figured out something that all the other clothing designers already know...I need to plan for fall already. Oh boy am I great at planning...such grand plans I come up with. However, it is just me and my sewing machines and we can only do so much these days. The planning is fulfilling though...I can do it as we are out and about doing all those summery things. I am hoping to show at a couple of craft fairs this fall and that has me excited. Are you a craft fair lover? Who isn't?! Now if I can just figure out how to get the booth of my dreams to be a reality...such fun plans.