Friday, July 30, 2010


I considered the possibility that I might never be in the mood to put a blog post together ever again. But then this morning I found that I was in the mood...lucky you ; )

Life continues to be mostly interesting and quite will never hear me say "I'm bored." In my house, a typical 10 minute period goes something like this: Me thinking to myself "I sure hope I can go sew a little bit after I put this band-aid (the 10th one of the day) on Sam." Then a loud crashing sound as a glass (Sam's special Shrek glass from Burger King) gets knocked off the couch and shatters when my daughter, who is busy throwing up in a bowl, accidentally bumps it. I scream to everyone (including the dog) "Don't move! Stay! Sit!", get daughter settled down again, and commence sweeping up glass. This is where the interestingness hits a new level. I lift the corner of the rug while sweeping and out runs a lizard! And that is pretty much how things go around here most of the time : ) Sounds fun doesn't it? Can any of you relate?

Summer in Oklahoma is, to be accurate and articulate, gross...lots of mosquitoes, 105 degrees, and 105% humidity. But it's cool and bug-free (thanks to the lizard in the living room) at my sewing table : ) Here's what I've accomplished in the past couple of weeks:

For Baby Chloe...

Perhaps I will be in the mood to write up a tutorial for these baby boots some day soon...maybe, maybe not.

And for me...
a touch of shabby and vintage...the buttons are from a lovely stash of vintage buttons given to me by my sweet step-mom.