Thursday, October 15, 2009


Fall is here and that makes me happy. My kids are now on fall break so we'll get 4 straight days together, following all these days they've been sick at home anyway. I have offered to give Alex and Sarah their first sewing lesson during fall break and they seem pretty excited...makes me happy. Another possible fall break activity is to go see 'Where the Wild Things Are'...that is sure to be some wild rumpus-y fun. Unfortunately, it's also sure to be quite germy so maybe we'll wear masks...or maybe we'll stay home. Cramming us into a theater with 100s of other people during the swine flu epidemic probably isn't a very good thing to do. And how can we eat our milk duds & popcorn and drink our Dr. Peppers with a mask on? Sam will probably cry if we don't go see it since he's known for weeks that it comes out this week. That will be sad.

But fall is a happy time and here's a bit of fallishness that made me smile this morning...a fabric giveaway! And such suh-weet fabric it is! Thanks to new blogger, Jenny, for hosting this.

Run on over there and see Jenny's pretty projects and give her a shout out in her comments. And come back and see me here soon...this giveaway of Jenny's just might be contagious : )

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I guess I've been too busy to blog...having 3 children, a dog, a husband and a serious sewing & fabric addiction keeps a girl hoppin' ya know! It's been a really good school year for the kiddos...until last week. Now we have sick kids and mama isn't feelin' so good either. Darn, guess I'll just sit here and entertain myself with the following...

1. Unfortunately, I stumbled on to a fabric swap group on a couple of weeks ago. And unfortunately they introduced me to some 'off-the-radar' Heather Ross fabrics. And unfortunately, as it turns out, I HAVE TO HAVE MUNKI! But the good news is me and my psycho-fabric-disorder are in very good company...there are some who are sicker than me even!

2. I know most of you have already known the pleasure of this eye-candy, many of us have enjoyed it 1st hand! But if you haven't, here's a small sampling of the tamer little gems...I kept it clean for the blog ; ) And if you don't mind a little naughty irreverance, run over there and get some laughs! The pictures are pretty funny, but the captions have me rolling on the floor.

'waldo is so much easier to find when he's out of the closet.'

'...Thanks for clearing that up for us all, it would have been awkward if i had to ask.'

'Don’t laugh! Maybe her granddaughter borrowed her Uggs and mini-skirt. Sometimes you just have to make do'