Monday, August 3, 2009

my 17 day plan for peace

Right now it's very quiet in the house, I can complete a will be over soon. The 4 y.o. will get up and pounce on the dog and that will be that...the peace will be gone until bedtime is complete. So I'll savor this time with my thoughts, my computer, my morning news, my coffee and do some rambling.
As always, we have had a lot going on around here. Last week was VBS at our church and I was director of the preschool program. It went well, no babies got lost (for more than a minute) and they all had a blast. That was some craziness! 120 kids aged 3-13 invaded the church every evening. It was, as someone put it, 'fabulous chaos'!

Sadly though, my 9 y.o. had to miss the whole thing. The week before VBS, Alex had a bike wreck in the backyard and broke his collarbone...ugh! My Alex has been through a lot with his health and he is such a trooper. His shoulder seems to be healing well and surely by the time school starts (in 17 days) he'll be doing really well. See above, he's wearing his brace.

As I mentioned, school starts in 17 days...yes I'm counting down and I'm not ashamed. You know you are too! If you're not, you're either in denial or on some really good meds. How 'bout that sweet school fabric up honor of BTS month. I have the 1st week of freedom all planned out. It involves intense sewing and napping...bliss. We've enjoyed doing nothing together day after day, but time for a change of scenery.

One other wonderful event takes place during back-to-school week....Project Runway season 6!!
I may ramble a lot about that in the future so that's all I'll say about it for now.

Here's a sweet little set I whipped up the other day for a friend's baby. Isn't this the yummiest fabric (Paganelli's Flower Power)?! What a rockin' pair of pants these are...some dramatic ruffles on zebra. Oh baby!
Turned out super cool...what a fun project!

My moment of peace is long over, my attention is needed elsewhere...catch ya next time!