Thursday, March 4, 2010


<----for your viewing gorgeous niece swanked out in some hand-made yumminess!

Boy, it's been a long time since I did some rambling here. I've been very busy doing a tiny bit of a million different nothing is really done...that's how I roll ; ) But not for long! Oh the plans I have and have started and WILL complete! I have some awesome fabrics waiting to fulfill their destinies. Destinies such as pimped out burpcloths and onesies and blankets fit for a rockstar just to name a few. I'm playing around with photo editors and website building to get this goal within reach...not sure about the website building thing. Perhaps that complicates things too much at this point in the game. So maybe I'll just post my swankies here....we shall see.

I hope all of you are finding time to create, dream, or maybe just get a nap in...whatever your thang is, I hope you are doing IT!

So now I'm off to enjoy some of this gorgeous day before I pick up my sweet Sammy from preschool. Ciao baby!