Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yes, I realize I have no header on m'blog. But I am very thrilled with my sidebars now thanks to! I'm working on that header...the size was all wrong so I have to resize her. I installed GIMP (is that the right name?) last night so I should be able to get the header thing figured out. I gotta make the place look nice for my 6 followers : )

So the winter blizzards and ice storms have come to an end (?) and the sun finally made an appearance yesterday...I was starting to slip into a cloud-induced coma. We did enjoy all those days out of school playing in and enjoying the lovely snow.

Our baby lost his 1st tooth! This was our very last very 1st lost tooth : (

If you're a die-hard fabric junkie, you'll enjoy looking at my sweet little stacks of Katie Jump Rope...aren't they cute?!