Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the lamest blogger on earth

yes, that would be me. I just can't seem to focus long enough to sit in front of the computer and have anything interesting or coherent to blog about. Now, as I sit here being sick for the 5th day in row while the hubby attempts to handle the children and dog for the evening, I just might be able to ramble a bit. I sure wish I knew more about getting this blog pimped out real nice...I think it's a bit boring at this point and I never know quite where my photos will place themselves but whatever...I'll figure it out later when I'm in the mood to focus on it. It's all about the mood.

It has been a great summer and now it's only 4 weeks until school starts back up. We've done nothing in particular...no summer camps, no real vacationing...and that is okay with us. It's been great to go flitting about town on whim to movies or parks or stay home and run through the sprinkler or play Rock Band to our hearts content. Somehow I've managed to have no time to sew for my little business at all. But still getting my sewing fix with family and friend sewing projects. One of those being a delightful confection of taffeta and can-can netting...a flower girl dress. I have never sewn a formal dress before and it was quite a project let me tell ya! But it turned out to be quite lovely and was a fun challenge for me. Considering how long it took to make, I'll have to charge you $1000 if you want to order one ; )

The wedding was just wonderful and the married couple are very dear to us, sweet young things. Scott sang a couple of songs, Sarah was the flower girl, Sam the ring bearer, and I was just so relieved when Sarah and Sam made it down the aisle without shoving each other or racing to be the 1st one to the alter. They actually did quite well and were, of course, just freakin' adorable. My big boy, Alex, was in Albuquerque visiting Aunt Sheryl so he missed it. He really didn't mind except he did want to see the kiss...he's 9...that's so funny.

In addition to the flower girl dress I also sewed up some fun little gifts for a few people for bdays and father's day...coffee cozies. Those were fun and quick to make. I threw a Starbucks gift card in with each one and they were a great gift. Will be crankin' out a bunch of those this fall and Christmas I'm sure. And with my designs beginning to branch out beyond childrens' things, I have been thinking about changing my biz name. I thought it over for a few weeks and made my decision. Changing things like this is a bit of a hassle and I've also recently changed computers, email address and cell phone number...not fun. I'll be happy when it's all settled. So back to the biz name. My creations will now be labeled 'aMuse' instead of 'apronstrings'. Short and sweet and works for anything I'm in the mood to create.

Well, that's all the rambling I have today. I sure appreciate you stopping by to check on me...leave me a shout out in comments to let me know you did. Peace out, friend!