Friday, July 22, 2011

beautiful block

I did it! I finished my 1st single girl block and it's pretty hot if I do say so myself! See, isn't she a sight to behold?

~please forgive the crappy iphone photo~

Not really a big deal, I admit. I'm really just so relieved that sewing these curves didn't kick my bootie. And if I can do it, you know it's a piece of cake! I was pleased to find that they weren't intense, tight no accidental pleats or puckers. And the dark chocolate solid I chose was a great it greatly!

After I finished my beloved block, I started thinking about where do I go from I want all these blocks to be identical. Oh, how simple that would be. So, naturally, I decided not to do that. However, I was in no way interested in coming up with a new layout in the same painful, confusing, over-thought manner of the 1st block. I'll explain what I decided to do next time with a photo of block 2 when it's complete.

Monday, June 20, 2011

ring for Single Girl

So far this summer I've gotten darn little accomplished in the way of sewing - makes me a bit grumpy if I think about it for long so moving right along...
We've pretty much retreated indoors as the temperatures here are setting records this summer's disgusting. The days are passed with energized conversations among me and the babes (typically concerning something the youngest has done to, yet again, offend the older ones), the Q&A game (Mom, would you cry if I died? Mom, can we move to China so I can go to ninja school?), and endless games of name-calling, pointing and laughing at each other, & (my personal fave) is just so much fun, hahaha.

We've also done a little of thisand this...Lake Murray just south of Ardmore.

And I've finally started my Single Girl Quilt. I got a ridiculously wobbly start, getting super confused about how many of each template to cut from which fabric. Somehow I figured it out after I forced my brain into a very uncomfortable and intense place of concentration and focus. I'm making 12 blocks (twin size quilt) so I basically need 12 of each template and fabric and there are 31 templates. Seems simple, right? Whatever. Originally I thought I'd cut out all templates first, but became impatient to see some rings coming together so I threw out that plan and started sewing...more cutting later of course. So far, here is what I've comleted.
(sorry, bad iPhone pic...I'm a lazy photographer at times)

I know, it's nothing to brag about, but looks pretty wonderful to me : ) Still undecided on the background color - brown would be nice I think. And I should mention, in case it's not obvious, the ring is just the 4 quarter sections lined up together, not sewn together. That would certainly be embarrassing (though not surprising).
I feel like that tiny sliver of orange dots there at the bottom is hardly enough so I'll probably be switching it (and a couple others) around for future rings. So you see, abandoning the cutting to sew turned out to be a good choice.
As suggested by Katy, I'm organizing my templates and cut fabric by using envelopes marked with the template piece (i.e. "A) on the front of the envelope.
Another good bit of info regarding the proper lining up of the fabric before stitching is described by Megan over on her blog. Since the fabric edges are cut at an angle rather they shouldn't be lined up in the typical fashion...good to know, right?!

So there's my update on the SG Quilt Along. Hope you all are starting to work on yours. Share your progress at our OKCMQG Facebook group please, otherwise it's just me and Cornelia quilting along amongst ourselves. If you're not an OKC Mod Quilter and would like to sew along with us you are welcome to do so. I'll post updates here along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Single Girl Quilt Along!

I've been admiring the gorgeous Single Girl quilts (a quilt pattern by the amazing Denyse Schmidt) on flickr for a while now...
like this beauty using the highly coveted Flea Market Fancy collection
this one in Anna Maria Horner's lovely Garden Party
and the darling original by Denyse.
Just too much yumminess for me to resist any longer!

I decided to do it with friends, my OKC Modern Quilt gals, as a quilt along to help me keep on truckin' once I get started. And because I haven't sewn curves much at all, nor have I worked from a quilt pattern before, I thought the collective wisdom of the group would be helpful and fun : )

It's almost time to get started...yay! I have my fabrics ready...that was a pretty big step since we need 31 (or 36) different prints. Next week we'll start cutting and see how far we get. There will be no deadlines, we'll just work at our own pace so don't worry if you don't have a pattern or fabrics yet. If you're in OKC check with Quiltworks for a pattern...Verlinda just ordered some for us for those who still need it. Any questions?

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

a show, a tomato, and kung fu

This week is among the busiest I've had in a long time...maybe ever. And it's not over since Easter festivities are still ahead. Mama needs one more good night's sleep, preceded by a hot bath, possibly in conjuction with a glass of pinot grigio. Yes, that should do it.

The main event took place last modern quilt guild's (OKCMQG) 1st modern quilt show!
I have to say, it was quite fabulous and super inspiring! My quilting pursuits have taken a backseat to sewing kids' clothes lately. Now I really, really want to move quilting back up front again...just another week of sewing for custom orders and then some yummy quilting!

This quilt show was just the beginning of some great events for our group!

Other busy-ness was just all the kid activities...piano, karate, basketball, 5th grade insane. All that on top of planning and executing the quilt show was just some kind of crazy.

My little angel-straight-from-heaven, Sam, earned his next belt in karate this week...yellow!

Mr. Bedford, Sam's awesome karate teacher, tied his new belt on for him.

A couple of weeks ago Sammy sang a solo in church...he is a pretty cool little dude. We really like him : ) Now I feel guilty for not featuring my other little people...always the guilt...but they'll show up soon, don't worry.

And, now, I'll leave you with my other little bit of goodness...I didn't kill my produce yet.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

have a nice day

I am so upset by the mean-spirited comments and tirades hurled across the online quilting community these days. I really am, but somehow I cannot stop reading. You can bounce off one blog over to another effortlessly and almost endlessly to hear the criticisms aimed at "modern" quilters and their creations. It's not just in the quilting community of course. Sadly, this is typical behavior among humans across the board....the judgement. How we dress, how we parent, where we choose to buy's all up for judgement from our peers. Such is life I suppose, but I do not like it.

Here's the thing people. If you can't say anything nice, then shut the hell up! It's time to be a grown-up and show just a little restraint with your mouth. Nothing good comes from posting a bunch of negative commentary about the aesthetic value of someone's work. It's not just the blogger's words getting that negative vibe out there, it's all the comments following in which a cheerleader of the blogger adds a few, often dirtier, digs at the poor recipient of the judging.

Let's keep it classy out there people. Check your ego and your heart before you get out of bed in the morning. Having your "dander up" and spewing ugliness out across your blog is not very attractive. Hey, we all have our opinions...I could certainly list all the quilts I think are ugly, but who cares what I think? That is just so middle school to spout off ridicule and make a person feel bad. Fortunately, there are way more friendly peeps out there than mean ones, but to you bullies out there I say let's build each other up, let's root for each other, let's be respectful. It's like we were taught in nice and play well with others!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

library love

Isn't it so delightful to find books at the library and have them all to yourself for a few months? No, I actually don't keep them quite that long, but I usually do have a nice little fine. Often the kids are to blame...books disappear into the strangest places in their bedrooms. So I went in a couple of weeks ago (for website building books...yea, right like that's ever gonna happen) planning to pay my $2.60 fine, but of course I have no cash. I whip out my bank card and was told that they actually have to pay $3.00 for a credit card transaction so I should just pay when I have cash sometime. That is so ridic. I picked up these little sweeties yesterday and paid my fine with cash : )Other excitement this week...Steph and I made a nice little discovery after the OKC Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Saturday. While taking the trash out the back door we just happened to notice a box full of brand-new "Sherbet Pips" fabric...Aneela's fabric line from Moda. Yay, my LQS picked some very cool fabric and I'll be waiting anxiously for it to be out on the showroom floor!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

little joys

So far it's been quite a gloomy week weather-wise, but thankfully I shook off it off (after fully embracing it yesterday) and am feeling some energy and enthusiasm. I'm fairly certain that getting some decent sleep and starting the day with a chocolate protein shake rather than vanilla is what made the difference.
I'm so proud of myself for sticking with my fitness aspirations for an entire 9 days now...this is huge for me. Luckily I'm finding little things that actually make it, dare I say, enjoyable? So here's a very brief list of the little joys:

~walking or running in perfect synchronicity. I found that some of my fave tunes are perfect for a brisk walk...Cee Lo Green "Forget You" (my family's personal favorite these days), Gaga "Bad Romance", Earth, Wind & Fire "September", Feist "I Feel It All". You have any beats you love for getting your exercise on? Tell me!

~best snack that I never thought I would try or like...EDAMAME! Have you had this? Get it frozen or fresh, steam it for 5 minutes, sprinkle with sea salt, squeeze those cute little beans out of the pod and into your mouth. It's high in protein and pretty much addictive.

~salsa! It has hardly any calories...slather some on the grilled meat of your choice for lunch. I have a special affinity for Herdez Mild...until summer when I can make it from fresh veggies.

My little business is rolling along pretty well. It's been so fun to scope out wonderful fabrics, plan and create fun new outfits that people like and are buying : ) I just finished up this sweet little thang and listed it...
click here to see my shop

and how about these beauties - they inspire me so....

Hope you're finding things that inspire you too!