Friday, July 22, 2011

beautiful block

I did it! I finished my 1st single girl block and it's pretty hot if I do say so myself! See, isn't she a sight to behold?

~please forgive the crappy iphone photo~

Not really a big deal, I admit. I'm really just so relieved that sewing these curves didn't kick my bootie. And if I can do it, you know it's a piece of cake! I was pleased to find that they weren't intense, tight no accidental pleats or puckers. And the dark chocolate solid I chose was a great it greatly!

After I finished my beloved block, I started thinking about where do I go from I want all these blocks to be identical. Oh, how simple that would be. So, naturally, I decided not to do that. However, I was in no way interested in coming up with a new layout in the same painful, confusing, over-thought manner of the 1st block. I'll explain what I decided to do next time with a photo of block 2 when it's complete.